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Singing Strong: Strategies for Overcoming Vocal Fatigue & Challenges

CHRISTINA BROWN KIRIAKOS | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

In the rhythm of Sundays, challenges can arise, especially regarding vocal issues. Discover effective techniques and remedies to navigate through common vocal problems in this informative class. Learn how to prevent and treat fatigue, ensuring your voice remains resilient and powerful.

Tessitura: Discovering Your Vocal Sweet Spot

CHRISTINA BROWN KIRIAKOS | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

Join our engaging vocal class to explore the beauty of your tessitura—the heart of your vocal range where the richness comes alive. Learn to identify and embrace your unique sweet spot, unlocking the full beauty and power of your voice. Through targeted exercises and personalized guidance, you'll navigate your tessitura with ease, gaining the confidence to showcase your strengths and excel in your singing. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vocalist, this class promises to be a transformative journey.

Belt Mastery: Unleashing Confident & Controlled Vocal Power

CHRISTINA BROWN KIRIAKOS | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

Elevate your vocal chops by mastering the art of belting with control and confidence. In this comprehensive class, vocal students will delve into techniques and exercises designed to unleash the full potential of their belts. Gain insights into proper breath support, pitch accuracy, and dynamic control, empowering you to deliver powerful performances with confidence. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of expressive and controlled belting.

The Path to Vocal Freedom 1 - Physical Care


Your voice is a gift from God! As you use this gift to worship Him and serve the church it’s important to steward this instrument. In this session, Dorcas Smith, a veteran Worship Leader, and member of the Brown Sisters vocal group, will demonstrate her tried and true techniques for vocal care (rest, nutrition, drinks, food) as well as warmups and conditioning exercises.

The Path to Vocal Freedom 2 - Spiritual, Emotional & Mental Care


Stewarding God’s vocal gift takes more than physical care. Your ability to bring the best God made you to be as a vocalist takes care of spirit, mind, and emotions. In this session, Dorcas guides you through finding freedom from pressures that impact vocalists in unique ways like anxiety, pressure to “perform”, and fear of man so you can sing and lead as God made you to be.

The Path to Vocal Freedom 3 - Responsive Leading


What does it look like and feel like to follow the Holy Spirit in the present moment when you’re leading worship? After caring for your voice and caring for your soul, the moment of leading worship with your voice involves caring for the moment. Dorcas will teach how she cultivates a responsive life to God that informs how to prepare and respond to His Spirit and lead your church in the moment.

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