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Advanced Lighting Tech and Lighting Designer Class

ANDREW ALFECHE | Cascade Sound, Salem, OR

Covering advanced lighting protocols, DMX, best use of your console for your needs, Programming approaches for church, and Programming Tips and Tricks.

Intro to Stage Lighting for Church Techs

ANDREW ALFECHE | Cascade Sound, Salem, OR

Covering the purpose of Lighting for Churches, fixtures, DMX, Control surfaces, troubleshooting DMX issues and setting your lighting system for success.

This is How We Do It

CHRIS VOIGT & ANDY BERTZ | Dayspring Fellowship, Keizer, OR

Sometimes it helps to see it in person. In this breakout, we'll take a deeper dive into how Dayspring designed and implemented our livestreaming process, what equipment we use, and why we do what we do...all on a shoestring budget...with a guided tour through it all.

Video Presentation Systems

ENOCH HOWELL | Brinoch, Eugene, OR

In this class, we will explore various solutions like LED video walls, TVs, projectors, as well as software tools like ProPresenter, Proclaim, and PowerPoint. Together, these components seamlessly combine to create an immersive environment, fostering a distraction-free worship experience.

Video Streaming

ENOCH HOWELL | Brinoch, Eugene, OR

Delivering high-quality video is crucial for a successful streaming experience, as it plays a vital role in attracting and retaining viewers. Whether you're looking to enhance your current streaming setup or exploring the world of streaming for the first time, we'll look into the realm of technologies that are utilized, including cameras, switchers, and streaming platforms.

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