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Church Audio for Streaming that Doesn’t Suck

JEFF COX | Outward Church | Salem, OR

You don't have to have a dedicated mixer and tech remixing your livestream. In this breakout we will examine methods to improve the sound of your livestream using simple techniques that can be monitored by a non-technical volunteer or even be unattended.

Do your Mics Help or Hurt?

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

After getting the source to sound the best that it can, a voice, a kick drum, a guitar cabinet or a cello, the mic choice and placement are in my opinion the most critical in obtaining the best sound for live worship, streaming or recording. I am not talking about your favorite brand or model. I am talking about the type, dynamic, condenser or ribbon; the polar pattern or how the mic responds to the source and the surrounding area, mic sensitivity and rejection. In most cases, the right mic in the right place will improve your sound dramatically. Can I use a dynamic where I would typically use a condenser? Are ribbons a safe bet in live performance? Learn how to choose and apply the different types to assorted applications and you will most likely not have to spend as much time behind the console trying to fix the source or the mic with EQ or dynamics.

In-Ear Monitoring

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

If you are already using personal monitors for your worship team, you may still want to know how to make better use of them; if you are still using wedges (floor monitors) you may be wondering how to begin the process of transitioning to them; What does they cost? What products are best suited for our church? How do we implement them into our present system? These and many other questions will be addressed in this workshop.

Livestream Mixing with Software

AARON DOERR | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR

Get consistent results on your livestream mix without breaking your budget or your brain. Follow the year-long journey of Rolling Hills as they transitioned their stream mix to a software-based approach mixed entirely by volunteers. You'll learn how to build a system and build a team that will make this possible. This breakout can build off of principles used in Jeff's Church Audio for Streaming session, or can work on its own.

Maximizing Rehearsals


How your teams sound on Sunday is directly related to how effective your rehearsals are. And there is more to a rehearsal than showing up and practicing songs. This class explores how to maximize rehearsals so that there are no surprises on Sunday morning. We will cover monitoring techniques, what each musician and tech needs during rehearsal, and other factors that get in the way of a smooth practice.

Why Does My Church Sound So Bad?

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

No matter what you do, does it seem like you will never grasp the concepts and techniques necessary to provide the best mix for your church? Let's look at some reasons why that may be the case and what are some common-sense approaches to get you closer to where you want to be.

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