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Audio - Just the Basics

ENOCH HOWELL | Brinoch, Eugene, OR

In this class, we will delve into the fundamentals of audio and its workings, from the intricacies of microphones to the basics of mixing. Our aim is to equip you with a solid understanding of the underlying principles, enabling you to understand the purpose of each knob and when to employ them. Join us in this class as we demystify the realm of audio.

Improving Audio For Your Livestream

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville NJ

I was deluged with requests from churches asking me how to set up a system that would allow them to stream their services to their respective congregations during the lockdown. Almost every church I know is streaming their services, but from watching and hearing the mixes, there is much that needs to be improved. Things are getting back to normal, and church are opening their sanctuaries. We are able to gather together to worship in community; to fellowship and connect. However, stream is here to stay; it’s not going away by any means and now is the time to learn how to improve the quality of your stream.

Livestream Mixing with Software

AARON DOERR | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR

Get consistent results on your livestream mix without breaking your budget or your brain. Follow the year-long journey of Rolling Hills as they transitioned their stream mix to a software-based approach mixed entirely by volunteers. You’ll learn how to build a system and build a team that will make this possible. This breakout can build off of principles used in Jeff’s Church Audio for Streaming session, or can work on its own.

Loudspeaker Basics

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville NJ

Investing in high-quality professional loudspeakers and configuring them correctly in your venue will make mixing live sound easier. It will also provide a more enjoyable listening experience for both the performers and the audience. Live sound reproduction requires reliable performance and consistent coverage throughout the listening area, so professional loudspeakers are worth the investment. This chapter will help you pick out the best loudspeaker for your budget and set them up so that you get the best results.

Mic Selection & Placement


Using the right mic and putting it in the right place is essential for getting the sound quality you want! In this class we will look at all of the equipment involved. We’ll cover dynamic, ribbon and condenser mics, as well as live applications and good working practices along with basic troubleshooting techniques.

Picking & Mixing for In-Ear Monitors

ANDY SWANSON | Alclair Audio | Summerville, SC

Which in-ear monitors should you be using and recommending? Once you have them, how do you mix for them? This session will cover all the ins and outs of in-ear monitors and mixing for in-ears from FOH or from personal mixers.

Ten Essential Tips for Volunteer Audio Engineers

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville NJ

Are you a volunteer sound tech at your church who has never professionally mixed live sound but want to improve your skills? Here are 10 practical tips that may help. These simple steps can take your mix to the next level on your journey to becoming a better audio engineer.

Understanding Wireless Systems


In this class we will discuss the advantage of wireless audio versus hard-wired, RF fundamentals, spectrum update, audio process, frequency coordination, antennas, cabling and placement.

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