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VOCAL: Beyond Basics: Advanced Singing Mastery ($30)

CHRISTINA BROWN-KIRIAKOS | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

This dynamic session begins with a comprehensive warm-up and vocal conditioning segment, setting the stage for an exploration of advanced breathing techniques crucial for sustained notes and dynamic control. The class delves into the nuances of vocal resonance and timbre, guiding participants through exercises that unlock the richness of their voices. Articulation and diction take center stage to enhance clarity and precision in lyrical delivery. Engaging in advanced vocal exercises, participants hone their agility, pitch control, and melodic phrasing skills. The class also delves into the art of interpretation and performance, emphasizing the importance of emotional connection with lyrics and audience engagement. Throughout the session, a Q&A and feedback segment ensures individualized attention, fostering an environment of growth and improvement. Concluding with a recap of key takeaways and practice assignments, this class is tailored for those seeking to go beyond the basics and attain mastery in the art of singing.

SONGWRITING: Building Blocks of Songwriting: Writing In Community ($50 includes lunch and begins at 10 AM)

MICHAEL BAHN | River Valley Church | Grants Pass, OR & JASON SQUIRES | The Creative Launch | Woodland, CA

Supercharge your songwriting abilities with 2 hours of fantastic instruction, then unleash your skills in an actual co-writing session with others. This is the chance you've been waiting for to hone your songwriting skills! Seasoned songwriters Jason Squires and Michael Bahn will guide you through this extended 4-hour clinic/workshop and you won't want to miss it! Bring your instrument and best song ideas and get ready for an amazing hands-on learning experience.

TECH: Two to Tango: Working Together for an Excellent Mix ($30)

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

Achieving a great mix only comes by working things out together musically and technically. Great mixes can't happen without great-sounding sources. Great mixes can't happen if we aren't mixing musically. Join us for this extended session and find out how to bring it all together for the best result. Get the most from this class by having both your musicians and technicians attend together.

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