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PCI-1: Harmony & Improvisation ($30)

Sheri Gould | | Lawrenceville, NJ

Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

PCI-2: Get the Most from Your Rehearsal ($30)

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

In this intensive, you'll gain some battle-tested strategies that will help you run more effective and productive rehearsals. We'll discuss how to equip your worship team - vocalists, band members, and technicians - with the tools they need to come to rehearsal ready to hit the ground running. We’ll also offer strategies on how to have an efficient Sunday morning run-thru. We'll include discussion on creating a thorough worship packet in advance, distributing information effectively, and equipping your entire team so they can give the Lord their very best. This pre-conference intensive is valuable for every member of your team!

PCI-3: Songwriter's Toolkit ($30)

Michael Bahn | River Valley Community Church & Jason Squires | Jason Squires Music

As a songwriter, you have the ability to capture the experiences and emotions of life and transform them into gifts of worship when you pen words and melodies for the Church. This intensive will give you practical tools and equip you to write songs that you'll want to share with your church! Michael Bahn & Jason Squires are experienced, published songwriters who have written songs both together and individually, that are currently being sung in churches around the world.

PCI-4: Why Does My Church Sound So Bad? ($30)

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

Is it the band? The sound operator? The gear? The room? There are so many variables that affect the audio quality in your church, and it can be a challenge to know how to resolve the issue if you don’t know where to begin. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this intensive. You’ll walk away with a variety of options for getting your church sound back on track.

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