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The Creative Abyss

JASON SQUIRES | The Creative Launch | Woodland, CA

Being a creative on a staff with other people who aren't can be a challenge. Your lead pastor doesn't get you and the person watching the bottom line is supportive of your ideas. It's frustrating! Let's talk about it and discuss some strategies to help you connect better with the non-creatives on your team.

Fueling Creativity

JASON SQUIRES | The Creative Launch | Woodland, CA

No matter your role, you are helping to create a place where people can worship. Creativity is something that needs to be cared for. In this session we will look at ways to help maintain it.

Creativity In Service Planning

JASON SQUIRES | The Creative Launch | Woodland, CA

2 songs, announcements, 2 songs, offering, 1 song, message, dismiss. Getting stuck in a rut is very easy to do. This session is going to talk about creative elements you can add into service planning as well as tips on how to write a good set list.

Running Effective Rehearsals

ANDY SWANSON | Alclair Audio | Summerville, SC

We all want our rehearsals to run smoothly. And sometimes they do. This class will give you some tips and tricks for running effective rehearsals so that Sunday mornings run smooth and distraction free.

Shepherding Artists Through the Highs and Lows of Ministry

CINDY KENNY | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

Ministry is filled with mountain-top experiences and valleys of depletion and discouragement. Artists feel these things deeply which is part of what makes them great artists, but also requires special care in the shepherding of their hearts. Come and explore ways in which you as a leader of artists can help your team navigate the highs and lows of ministry.

Simplicity With Excellence

CINDY KENNY | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

We live in an audio-visual generation that is impacted not only by the spoken word, but also through other creative expressions such as media, music, etc. Join us as we discover the why behind creative programming and how to use creative elements, no matter your budget, to support the message being shared. You'll learn simple, yet excellent creative programming that reaches the heart.

The Importance of Moments

REUBEN COTTINGHAM | Eastside Imago Dei | Vancouver, WA

I believe the Holy Spirit is ever present today. On Sunday mornings where the energy is high and hearts are open there are opportunities to engage deeper. Learn the mindset and skills needed in order to take full advantage of those special moments.

Conversations With Myself: What Lead Pastors Wish Their Worship Leaders Knew

CHRIS VOIGT | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR

The Lead Pastor/Worship Leader relationship is of utmost importance in the life of the church. And yet, rarely, is it a healthy, vibrant relationship. Chris has the unique vantage point of filling both roles, and will share some insights into ways to build a stronger, better connection with your Lead Pastor.

Best. Team. Ever.

ROSEMARY WEST | Coquille Christian Community Church | Coquille, OR

This breakout will focus on improving the culture of your team through discipleship and hospitality. We'll be taking a deep dive into what it takes for your team to become all they can be. It might surprise you. Don’t settle for just ‘doing’ the ministry.

Bit By Bit: Small Things That Make a Big Difference

CINDY KENNY | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

In this breakout, we will look at practical small things you can do with your team that will help you set them up for success and allow them to minister with freedom and strength. From scheduling to final debrief and everything in between, it’s the small details that matter.

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