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Ask Away! - Worship Leader Q & A

CHRIS VOIGT | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR

You’ve got questions? Bring ‘em on! Chris will do his very best to provide an answer! With more than 25 years of ministry experience, Chris has walked through both the highs and lows of being a worship pastor. And through it all, he has seen and experienced the sovereignty and faithfulness of God. Join him for a transparent look at ministry life, as he responds to your questions about the challenges you are facing in your church, team, or ministry.

Small Musical Sadnesses for a Higher Joy


There are some small-yet-significant sacrifices that we – the team given the opportunity to lead our congregation to worship God through song – will need to accept, if it truly is our goal and desire to help them find their own “voice” in worship. If our hope is that rather than just listen to us, they will enter into worship with us, we will need to make some selfless, congregation-serving choices. Initially, we won’t like it – but the return brings a higher joy.

Establishing Expectations for Your Worship Team

MICHAEL BAHN | River Valley Community Church | Grants Pass, OR

Ever wondered what you should expect from your worship ministry volunteers? You’re not alone. In this breakout we’ll talk about essential expectations that will set up your ministry teams and volunteers for success.

Essential Tools to Build Set Lists

MICHAEL BAHN | River Valley Community Church | Grants Pass, OR

Want to brainstorm ideas to take your worship planning to a new level? Come learn new tools that will help you plan worship with renewed passion and confidence.

Leadership Essentials for Every Worship Leader

MICHAEL BAHN | River Valley Community Church | Grants Pass, OR

Worship leaders often face difficulties not due to misunderstanding worship, but misunderstanding leadership. Come receive encouragement to more effectively lead worship and your teams.

Moving From Song Leading to Worship Leading

CINDY KENNY | New Hope West & New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

There is a distinct difference between just leading a bunch of songs and leading people in worship. In this breakout, we will explore what it means to truly be a worship leader versus a song leader. We will look at specific things a worship leader can do to keep themselves sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying while reaching out to engage the congregation and lead them into times of deep and meaningful worship.

Creating a Culture of Debrief

CINDY KENNY | New Hope West & New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

God is worthy of excellence in all that we do, but pursuing excellence can be misunderstood and/or done poorly. We will look at the biblical foundation for excellence in ministry and discover ways in which we can create a positive culture of debrief that will honor God and move our teams forward with constructive feedback.

Creating Transformational Moments with little or MUCH

CINDY KENNY | New Hope West & New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

Transformational moments are those moments in a service where people experience God in a way that goes beyond words – where something happens in them. In this breakout, we will look at what it means to create those kinds of moments, how to go about building a creative team and how to bring creativity to your service no matter what your budget or personnel is.

Arranging Songs For a Small Team

JASON HOUTSMA | Worship Artistry

Jason and Kristina will be breaking full band song arrangements down to acoustic guitar and piano and offering tips and techniques for bands of any size.

Creativity in Worship

TIM SMITH | Worship Without Borders | Beaverton, OR

Creation is an expression of one of god’s most awesome characteristics: His creativity. If God is creative, then His image-bearers have the potential to be creative in all their endeavors! Let’s explore the creative possibilities that lie hidden, waiting to be discovered in every worship gathering!

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