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BASS: It's All About the Bass

Cory Knowland | Hope Church | Albany, OR

For decades in music, the bass guitar has been the unfailing glue between the kick drum and the rest of the band. Without it, music is hollow and lacks energy. It is an essential instrument for the contemporary worship band. And with all things musical, the better the bass, the better the band. In this breakout, Cory will touch on bass guitar basics from warm-up and technique, to picking styles, and some scales and licks. Bring your bass, bring your questions and challenges, and come ready to become a better bassist.

ELECTRIC: Electric Guitar Tone Workshop 101

Caleb Ray | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR

In this breakout, Caleb will demonstrate how to craft killer guitar tone suitable for contemporary worship (Hillsong, Wickham, Bethel). Come hang out with caleb as he explores guitars, amps, pedals, and more. Following this demonstration will be a time for guitar gear Q & A. Bring your questions!

DRUMS: The Worship Drummer

Daniel Hailey III | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR

What does it take to be a successful worship drummer?  Daniel will share both the big picture and the small details that help a drummer serve both their team and their church, to the very best of their ability.  You'll hear about everything from groove & tempo, to song interpretation, to playing with a click and tracks to using hybrid drum kits. This class is a firehose of good stuff that will make an immediate impact on your drumming.

Guitar Player's Guide to Recording & Producing Modern Music

Dave Beatty | BentBeat Productions | Wilsonville, OR

Guitar players have been the bread and butter of the praise and worship music scene for a long time. With today's modern recordings that use the six-stringed instrument less and less, it can be a daunting task forpickers to switch into the world of synths and drum loops. This class will use free software with minimal outboard equipment that most performers already own. Come learn how to take a four-chord song from your acoustic guitar to a musical landscape that reaches well beyond EADGBE.

DYNAMIC DUOS: Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Cory Knowland | Hope Church & Chris Spivey | Willamette Community Church

Acoustic and electric guitar together again. In this session, the electric and acoustic guitar clinicians,  Chris and Cory will pair off and demonstrate the interaction between these two powerful and effective instruments. Listening skills will be discussed as well as how to best orchestrate the two instruments. If you share the platform with one of these instruments, this will be a very informative session to attend. You're encouraged to bring your guitar!

DYNAMIC DUOS: Keyboards & Electric Guitars

Aaron Doerr | Rollings Hills Community Church & Caleb Ray | Rolling Hills Community Church

So…you have a keyboardist and a guitarist. You do contemporary music as well as some of the great hymns. How do these seemingly different instruments, with such varied sounds, blend effectively without stepping all over each other's toes, or distracting the congregation, or the band? Come to this insightful session and participate in the discussion as Tim and Cory banter about this great combination of instruments.

DYNAMIC DUOS: Drums & Bass

Daniel Hailey III | Rolling Hills Community Church & Cory Knowland | Hope Church

Bass and drums are the heartbeat of the contemporary worship band. How the low end of these two instruments relate, as well as the essential groove they are responsible for creating, makes them a critical pair. Come with questions, instruments and your groove.

DYNAMIC DUOS: Drums & Front of House

Daniel Hailey & John Harrel | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR


ACOUSTIC: What If My Guitar IS the Worship Band?

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

Have you ever had to lead solo from guitar in a service, either because you didn't have enough volunteers, or your team bailed at the last minute? Come find some inside tips to make your guitar more versatile to sound fuller as a solo accompanying instrument (without buying more gear).

ACOUSTIC: Guitar Chords for People Who Aren't Ready for Bar Chords Yet

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

Bar chords are inevitable, but there are ways to work around them if you're in the early stages of guitar and your hands need to build strength. Learn some helpful open color chords and capo tricks that will open up options for you.

ACOUSTIC: Strumming Patterns for Guitar - Wait - There's More Than 1?

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

Strumming is essential for rhythm guitar, and there are an infinite number of strumming patterns to be discovered or created. We'll discuss the process of identifying important beats in a groove so as to design or assign the right strumming pattern(s).

KEYS: Keyboard in Worship

Tim Smith | Worship Without Borders | Beaverton, OR

What to do? Here we work on understanding and simplifying the role of keyboard in today's worship environment. Whether in rehearsed song formats or spontaneous moments, the keyboard can play a key role in augmenting the worship experience for everyone.

KEYS: What's That Chord?

Aaron Doerr | Rolling Hills Community Church | Tualatin, OR

It's no surprise that most of the songs we do in church have only 4-5 chords in them. Then why are some keyboard players able to make the same song sound so much better (or worse) than others? A huge part of a keyboardist's job is knowing how to change the way you play these basic chords to draw out the emotion and dynamics that each song needs. Aaron will give a very practical non-theory breakout on the little hacks and tricks any keyboardist can use to take 4 basic chords and turn them into something musical and moving for worship.

KEYS: What's That Sound?

Tim Smith | Worship Without Borders | Beaverton, OR

Keyboard sounds are constantly changing with music in the church. Yet many of them are based off the same core building blocks. Using practical examples from songs churches are singing today, Aaron will show you how to quickly identify the origin of different sounds so you can figure out how to duplicate them, or at least get close enough with the gear you have, whether it's using software or hardware. In some cases, you may be able to buy the original sounds themselves. Aaron will show you where and how to get these sounds.

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