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Updated 2.6.2018

Using iPads for Worship With OnSong

Jason Kichline | OnSong

Learn how to use iPads with your worship team to be more organized, play more music, and engage your congregation. Jason Kichline will cover how to make the most of these versatile devices through OnSong and other apps.

ELECTRIC: Electric Guitar Tricks and Techniques

Cory Knowland | Hope Church | Albany, OR

The electric guitar has so many possibilities and sounds. Cory is an experienced lead worshiper, touring and studio musician, and will spend time elaborating on popular guitar tones, sounds, FX, and techniques used in contemporary worship. Bring your guitar, your FX, and your questions, and let's dive deep into the huge and exciting realm of electric guitar in worship!

KEYS: Keyboard/Piano in Worship 1

Tim Smith | Worship Without Borders | Beaverton, OR

Overwhelmed? Let’s get back to some fundamentals in playing keys for worship. No bells and whistles, just good foundational thoughts on keys, chords, playing with the whole band, sounds to use, determining how much and how little to play, and more…

BASS: Building Worship Basslines

Nick Clark | Grace Chapel | Wilsonville, OR

In this session we'll review the basics of rhythm and groove while locking with the drummer. We'll then move on to analyze basslines from several contemporary worship songs, focusing on chord tones, scales, rhythmic and melodic motifs, and rests. This will provide the tools necessary to create funtional, musical basslines for the common chord progressions found in worship music.

DRUMS: The Art of Groove & Phrasing: Expanding Your Vocabulary and Musicality


Known as the "Minister of Groove," Zoro will help you to understand a variety of core grooves, their relationship to each other and demonstrate how to expand your groove vocabulary and knowledge. You will be equipped with the tools and insight needed to develop a wide variety of essential feels and better understand what it takes to own them. Zoro will also share conceptual ideas on how to develop a more fluid vocabulary by going deeper into sub-divisions, voicings, phrasing, accents and doing more with less. This breakout will help lead the way to more musical, meaningful and masterful playing.

DRUMS: The Importance of Practice and Fundamentals

Justin Kinyon | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR

The  importance of consistent practice every week is discussed along with the  value of learning and using rudiments (and a metronome) to hone technique and creativity is demonstrated.

DRUMS: Playing Well With Others

Justin Kinyon | Dayspring Fellowship | Keizer, OR

This breakout deals with playing simple drum parts that groove and are easy for the other worship team members to play along with. The importance of playing in time and with dynamics is also discussed.

PERCUSSION: The Worshiping Percussionist

Jeff Sprague

Central Oregon drummer/percussionist, Jeff Sprague, will take you on a tour through the most relevant and effective percussion instruments and techniques as they appear in contemporary worship settings. Tempo, dynamics, when to play…and when NOT to play, as well as demonstrations on several percussion instruments common to many churches will be discussed. You'll really enjoy this time with Jeff!

ACOUSTIC: Rhythm Guitar: The Next Level

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

This intermediate class approaches the fretboard of the guitar in a highly practical way. Designed to enrich the skills of the rhythm guitarist, whether for worship leading or songwriting, our time together will be hands-on and very practical. Concepts available to be covered include: fretboard mapping, capo usage, position playing, the CAGED system, transposition, analysis, chordal embellishment, and more. At least 5 years of guitar experience recommended. Guitars welcome for playing along!

ACOUSTIC: The Struming Fool: The Guitarist's Guide to Strumming

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

This class is a great companion to "Rhythm Guitar." We'll focus mostly on the strumming hand, and students will learn multiple useful strumming patterns that can be used immediately. These patterns (captured in rhythmic notation with a customized strum arrow system) are ideal for multiple settings, including worship and pop music. The class also features selective palm muting, partial strumming, shuffling, and more. Two years of guitar experience recommended. Guitars strongly encouraged for strumming along.

DYNAMIC DUOS: Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Cory Knowland & Chris Spivey

Acoustic and electric guitar together again. In this session, the electric and acoustic guitar clinicians,  Chris and Cory will pair off and demonstrate the interaction between these two powerful and effective instruments. Listening skills will be discussed as well as how to best orchestrate the two instruments. If you share the platform with one of these instruments, this will be a very informative session to attend. You're encouraged to bring your guitar!

DYNAMIC DUOS: Keyboards & Guitars

Tim Smith & Cory Knowland

So…you have a keyboardist and a guitarist. You do contemporary music as well as some of the great hymns. How do these seemingly different instruments, with such varied sounds, blend effectively without stepping all over each other's toes, or distracting the congregation, or the band? Come to this insightful session and participate in the discussion as Tim and Cory banter about this great combination of instruments.

DYNAMIC DUOS: Drums & Bass

Nick Clark & Justin Kinyon

The drums and bass are literally the heartbeat of any band. If these two instruments don't lock, groove and move, well…that's just very bad! Nick and Justin will demonstrate the effectiveness of listening to each other and dissecting the groove. From ballads to uptempo music, these two instruments can make or break the overall goal of the music. Bad shouldn't be an option! Join us for this session and be prepared to jump up on one of the instruments and show off what you learn!

THEORY: Basic Music Theory: Putting the "Fun" in "Fundamentals"

David Harsh | Marysville Community Church | Marysville, WA

This open discussion class will help fill in some of the gaps in your musical knowledge with useful concepts that can immediately be put to use in modern worship and songwriting. Taught from the perspective of the guitar with some discussion of the piano, this class will begin with the basics (clefs, notes, and intervals) and then will move on to chord construction and diatonic scale harmonization in major keys. Based on the pace of the class, we can go as far into at least 25 essential subjects, as time permits. Students will emerge better equipped to read charts quickly and to communicate using the language of music theory. Instruments (guitar/bass) encouraged, but not required.

LOOPS: The Scoop on Loops

Chip Loop | Hope Church | Albany, OR

Are you considering using clicks and loops within your worship setting? Do you need a resource to provide a solid and consistent foundation for your team to groove with? Maybe you ARE the team and need to deepen and energize your worship presentation. Or, you simply want to enhance your worship sound with some of those epic guitar or synth licks that you’re not ready to pull off live. Whatever your reason for looking at loops, this class will provide an entry level discussion on the WHY and the HOW TO… all on a shoestring budget. Do you have a smart phone? Then YOU CAN DO THIS! And it just might transform your team this Sunday!

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