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Updated 1.18.2018

Dumpster Diving for Stage Design

Jeff Cox & Janet Orlob

This class will look at creative ways to change up the visuals on your stage with low-cost or even free materials. We will review some projects and examples as well as learn from each other. This class is always a great networking opportunity to connect with other visual artists and trade, borrow, or brainstorm ideas and materials.

Interspacial Time Travel for AVL

Jeff Cox

This breakout is a case study of an AVL (Audio/Video/lighting) implementation to take a church beyond the walls of the main room to a satellite and internet campus.  Identifying challenges and designing technical solutions including content delivery over a time-slip architecture will be examined.  Real life lessons from every topic concerning basic streaming to creating an organic feel for a satellite campus will be covered.

Lighting the Stage

Greg Gallagher & Jared Schilling | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

In this session, we'll explore setting up lighting for your stage. We will talk about key, fill, down and back lighting as well as DMX addressing. We will also look at using accent lighting and wall washing as part of your stage design.

Nine Things You Should Know About ProPresenter

Greg Gallagher | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

The weekend is approaching quickly and the media file needs to be constructed! In this session we will talk about workflow and file organization as well as nine things you should know about ProPresenter.

And We Are Live

Greg Gallagher | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

In this breakout we will investigate ways to use live video in the church. From equipment needed, to operating a camera, to operating a switcher, we will talk about it all! Also, we will take a look at  ProPresenter's master module to control lyric, video and graphic slides input to a switcher.

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