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Staging the Perfect Design

Greg Gallager | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

The plans have been made, and you're ready to stage your perfect design. But wait, is there a perfect design? Let's take a look at what goes into putting together a stage design and executing it.

To Stream or Not to Stream...That May Be the Question

Greg Gallager | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

OK, let's consider the whys and why nots of live-streaming your service. And then we'll dive into a livestream in progress and talk about ALL that goes into making it happen.

No Camera? No Problem!

Andrew Cox | Green Light Productdions | Orlando, FL

In this day and age, you don't need a traditional, expensive camera in order to create amazing videos. Every one of us has a camera in our pocket that is more than capable of recording high quality videos. All you need to know is how to use it! In this class you'll learn how to use your phone's camera to create great content. Most new phones are able to record 4K video and even slow motion. However, phones are not perfect. This class will also help you understand the pros and cons of filming on a phone, and how to use both to your advantage.

Video Lighting Without Lights

Andrew Cox | Green Light Productdions | Orlando, FL

This class is designed to teach you how to control and manipulate light to give the best image possible for post-production video. Proper lighting can be expensive, and that means not everyone has it. No need to worry, while it is nice to have, you don't need it!  There is light all around you; all you need to know is how to manipulate it. In this class, we'll demonstrate how to control the light you have to give you the best image. The techniques you will learn will help you use the sun in a basic three-point light setup. You will also learn how to use the lights you find almost anywhere: desk lamps, ceiling lights, candles, and more.

Squeaky Clean Audio for Video

Andrew Cox | Green Light Productdions | Orlando, FL

In this class you will learn how to record and mix audio for post production videos. This class is all about the importance of audio in your videos. Techniques for on-location audio capture and post production recording tips and tricks will be covered. You will better understand microphones and mic placement, budget hacks (such as making your own boom mic pole), and other money saving tips. We'll demonstrate how to record high quality audio and how to make your audio "squeaky clean" using free or budget software.

Following Jesus on Instagram

Ben Maison | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

In this class, Ben will teach you how to create consistency with your platforms, how to find a meaningful presence digitally and how to get more get more ❤️ 🙌 👍 and 🔥. Hopefully you know what I meme.


Ben Maison | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

This class will give you the tools and techniques to make your sermon and announcement slides crisp and clear.

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