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Intermediate Style & Technique

Lisa Reiff | River West Church | Lake Oswego, OR

This class is for the advanced and experienced singer who has a firm grasp on the basics and wants to continue their journey in vocal music, whatever the context. We will talk about expanding head and chest voice range, vocal resonance and placement and the nuance of vocal style. This will be an interactive class where we will explore the specifics of your voice and work together to help you do what you do with more ease, confidence and intentionality. 

Beginning Style & Technique

Lisa Reiff | River West Church | Lake Oswego, OR

This class will cover vocal style and technique for beginners. We will talk about correct technique, various vocal styles and explore the importance of finding your true voice in the midst of the ever-changing musical worship culture. 

How to Lead Well in the Non-Singing Aspects of Worship Leading

Cindy Kenny | New Hope | Eugene, OR

In this breakout session, we will look the areas of verbal exhortation (speaking, prayers, prompts etc) as well as at what the Bible has to say about physical expressions in worship and talk about ways we can lead ourselves, our teams and our congregations into greater freedom in these areas.

There’s No “I” in Team: How to Lead Effective Vocal Rehearsals

Cindy Kenny | New Hope | Eugene, OR

Leading worship with other vocalists is truly a team endeavor.  As a leader, it’s a unique, yet rewarding, challenge to take individual voices with different facets and stylistic qualities and help them grow in their ability to harmonize, blend and sing as one. Add to that the challenge of working with technology like microphones, monitors (both wedges and in-ears) and it can become daunting. This breakout will walk you through an effective vocal rehearsal process, gaining practical tools, tips and rehearsal practices along the way that you can implement with teams of any size. You will be the “vocal team” in this fun, interactive session. 

Dig Deeper to Soar Higher

Cindy Kenny | New Hope | Eugene, OR

Worship is more than music and worship leading is more than just getting the music right. We will explore together ways that vocalists can dig deep to find the heart of the songs they sing and to learn how to communicate with authenticity and passion as they lead others in doing the same. We will talk practically about things like preparing ourselves before leading others, principles behind verbals and vocal ad libs, tips on how to lead our worship teams and congregations into deeper levels of expression and intimacy that can take our personal and corporate worship times to new heights - and depths.

Your Best Voice for a Lifetime

Sheri Gould | sherigould.com | Lawrenceville, NJ

Your voice was designed to last you a lifetime - and it can! With proper vocal technique and healthy vocal habits, you can achieve and maintain your best voice for a lifetime. Join Sheri as she makes reaching your vocal goals seem easy.

The 10 Best Exercises for Worship Leaders

Sheri Gould | sherigould.com | Lawrenceville, NJ

In this class, Sheri will teach ten exercises to get you to your best voice everyday!

10 Steps to a Great Worship Team

Sheri Gould | sherigould.com | Lawrenceville, NJ

This class will provide you with 10 tips designed to help your team grow, NOW! These tips are simple and so easy to use that you can start with some of them this Sunday!

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