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Updated 2.8.2018

Wireless World Chaos

Jeff Cox

The FCC did it again.  Previously most of the 700Mzh band was eliminated for use and now most of the 600Mzh. Yes, you may need to replace the wireless mics or in-ear monitors you have and sooner than you may think!.  This class will bring you up-to-date with these changes, alert you to trade-in options, as well cover general strategies for frequency coordination and troubleshooting of your wireless mics and IEMs.

Sound Systems for the Portable Church

Brian Growing | Arria Live

This breakout session will focus on the unique sound system needs of portable churches. It will cover: the latest sound system options that are well-suited for portable churches; key features and requirements that portable chuches need to consider; ways to optimize the setup and teardown process; and methods to help volunteers be successful and avoid burnout.

Providing Sound for Secondary Spaces

Brian Growing | Arria Live

Whether it's your youth room, children's areas, multipurpose room or foyer, sound support for areas other than your main sanctuary frequently happens in a haphazard manner, using hand-me-down gear. As a result, the equipment that is creaky, old and hard to operate often must be used by the least experienced volunteers. Learn about great options that are now available for systems that can dramatically improve the experience (for both attendees and staff) in these secondary spaces while not breaking the budget. We'll also cover ways that some of this same equipment can help you when you need to take your services outside.

Mixing Monitors

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

It's safe to say that the platform volume level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix) in our churches, especially the small to mid-sized church. How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming from the stage so that the congregation and musicians all hear what they need to at an appropriate level? Floor monitors and wedges are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to "ring out the monitors to reduce the possibility of that occurring. What advantages do personal monitors afford over wedges? We'll teach you tips and techniques to make everybody on the stage and in the sanctuary, happy.

The Modern Mixer

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

How do our modern digital mixers differ from their older analog ancestors? What are some of the things that help volunteer audio techs do their job more easily and with less frustration? Why are people intimidated by them? This class will help you to see the advantages and make you more aware of the many benefits of digital boards.

Loudspeaker Basics

Doug Gould | WorshipMD | Lawrenceville, NJ

In this breakout, we'll talk about everything you ever wanted to know about loudspeakers and answer your most pressing questions! What do the specs mean? How do I know which amplifiers to buy? Are powered loudspeakers (active) a better choice than passive? Where are the best and worst places to put the speakers? What connecting cables are recommended? Why do we delay speakers in the back of the room? Mono or stereo? Do the acoustics of my room matter? What does it mean to tune a room or a mix? Join us for this great session on loudspeakers. 

Worship Dynamics

Chris Cummings | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

This session is designed for the sound techs who are interested in a digital mixer, as well as how to get a better grip on using EQ, compression, gates, and insert points to achieve better control of instruments and vocals. Discussions will include different types of digital mixer features, tips to quickly set-up for the weekly changes, and ways to involve a broad range of volunteers on the mixer.

Mix Utopia

Chris Cummings | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

This session is designed for sound techs looking for the "wow factor" in a worship service.  In most cases, "it's too loud" means it's a mix issue. During this session we'll be doing some hands-on mixing with tracks and demonstrating some mix techniques on a live system that will help techs become more familiar with instrument and vocal relationships, effects, channel to DCA to master level control and blend. Discover how mixing is not just a technical job--it's an integral part of the worship team. 

Personal Monitor Mixing

Andrew Swanson | Alclair | Osseo, MN

This session will equip you with the knowledge you need to get a good personal monitor mix and help you learn how to teach others to do the same.

The Importance of In-Ear Monitors

Andrew Swanson | Alclair | Osseo, MN

This session takes a look at why in-ear monitors are safer than floor wedges and what to look for when buying in-ear monitors. We will also talk about some of the practical reasons to move to in-ears. Better house mixes, better rehearsals, and most importantly, the ability to use a click.

Sound Essentials

Chris Cummings | Salem Alliance Church | Salem, OR

This session is designed for sound techs that want to review the basics, as well as worship leaders or musicians who just want some fundamentals in sound. Discussions will cover what mics should be used for what  on stage and placement, Dis, cabling, what typical mixer knobs and buttons do, sound system configuration, avoiding feedback, and keys to running a great sound check.

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