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Go With the Flow

Jeff Cox | Cascade Sound & Lighting | Salem, OR

Using virtual sound check, this class will demonstrate an audio mixing work flow to build dynamic, immersive, and great sounding mixes with control and detail. Using tracks from a General Session you just experienced at WNW, Jeff will demonstrate step-by-step, how he approaches gain structure, filters, EQ, dynamics, plugins, and effects to get to a desired result. Jeff will demonstrate how he corrects or manages everyday, real-world, live mixing challenges, in real time. Whether you like the mix or hate the mix, you will learn key concepts of how to employ common tools and techniques to  your mix. The demonstration will take place on a professional digital console, however the basic tasks being shown can be utilized with any equipment from a small analog mixer with a few pieces of outboard gear, to an entry level digital console found in the tech booth of almost any church.

Ask the Old Guy

Jeff Cox | Cascade Sound & Lighting | Salem, OR

Looking for some technical troubleshooting or tech leadership advice?  After turning 50 this year, the presenter for this course has come to the realization that he is an old guy, but you might be able to use this to your advantage.  Bring your questions and challenges regarding any audio, video, lighting or leadership topic.  How do I fix a hum or a buzz?  Why are there lines in my video image?  How can I stream my services online or social media?  How do I recruit and lead volunteers?  You can even ask a network or IT question if you want.  In this informal session, we will learn together from hearing each other’s advice and the “old guy” might have something to add too.  If we can’t solve your problem, we will point you in the right direction, or help you locate the right resource.

The ABC's of LEDs & DMX

Jeff Cox | Cascade Sound & Lighting | Salem, OR

The tools to light your stage and create visually immersive environments continues to evolve quickly.  The three largest manufacturers of incandescent lamps commonly used in stage lighting systems have sized making them.  This sessions will review the basic principals of good front light, accent light, and basic lighting control that applies to any lighting system.  However we will explore the world of LED lighting, consider retrofit and phase in approaches, and even address what to do about dimming house lights with problematic LED replacement lamps.

Squeaky Clean Audio for Video

Andrew Cox | Green Light Productions | Orlando, FL

In this class you will learn how to record and mix audio for post production videos. This class is all about the importance of audio in your videos. Techniques for on-location audio capture and post production recording tips and tricks will be covered. You will better understand microphones and mic placement, budget hacks (such as making your own boom mic pole), and other money saving tips. We'll demonstrate how to record high quality audio and how to make your audio "squeaky clean" using free or budget software.

Tech Talk

Michelle Haywood Smith | River Valley Church | Grants Pass, OR

Interested in incorporating more technology into your worship leading, but don't know where to start? Pads…stems…loops…click…tracks…uh, what?? Help!! If that's you, then come check out this class! Michelle will provide an overview of a variety of technology tools and resources. These are simple, relatively inexpensive options you can run from your tablet or phone such as: the Coresounds PadsLive app, the Tempo app for running click, and the MultiTracks Playback app. We'll also look at some chord chart apps so you can finally ditch that binder! This is a very basic and introductory class designed to introduce you to some available options and how you might consider implementing and applying them. We'll also talk about the purpose of these tools and how to discern their use and application from a leadership perspective.

Planning Center Basics

Michelle Haywood Smith | River Valley Church | Grants Pass, OR

An introduction to Planning Center for the worship leader. Planning Center Services in an online service for scheduling team members, communicating with the team, and service planning. This class will cover the basics of how to use the PCO website to add people, add songs, create plans, add media, send email, etc. A training account will be available so feel free to bring your laptop for a hands-on experience. Time permitting, we'll look at the app functionality as well.

Audio 101

Doug Gould | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

This class is a hands-on approach to setting up a sound system and is geared for the non-techie types: pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, and yes, even non-technical techs. We realize the church is filled with volunteers who are responsible for the technical systems in their churches and need to get a leg up on the practical aspects of getting a good sound in their churches without having to go back to night school.

Mixing & Recording Your Worship Service

Doug Gould | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

How do your worship service recording sound? Awful? Why? That's what we're going to talk about. There are methods that you may not be aware of that will greatly improve the quality of your recordings and it may not require any additional equipment. We'll explain the use of aux busses, sub groups and ambient mics to achieve a more realistic mix; the pros and cons of stereo vs multitrack recordings; formats: cassette/CD/mp3/.wav/cloud and the various delivery options. We'll take you through the basics of using a digital mixer to mix your service while simultaneously multitrack recording. Next, you'll learn how to mix the individual tracks to create a finished stereo master for your church's next CD or podcast!

Vounteer Friendly Sound Systems for the Small and/or Portable Church

Doug Gould | Worship MD | Lawrenceville, NJ

Many of our churches meet in rented spaces, including mine! The faster the gear can be set-up and taken down, the bigger the advantage in this environment. Our church, for example, is charged additionally for every hour that goes by after our time is up. We also don't want to tie up the volunteer's day. This class will illustrate how easy systems can be to set up and operate, even by volunteers with little to modest levels of skills. We will demonstrate the scalability of these systems so that as the church grows, the system's capabilities can grow right along with it. We will talk about loudspeakers, audio mixers for the sanctuary and the stage and why you would want to consider digital technology for these applications: presets and recall,  which will facilitate fast and repeateable set-up and operation.

Personal Monitor Mixing

Andrew Swanson | Alclair | Osseo, MN

In this breakout, Andy will help you figure out what you need to hear in your ears and how to get there. Whether you are a worship leader, a vocalist, or an instrumentalist, we'll spend time focusing on each part of the worship team, along with a general overview of how to get a good mix. Whether you are just thinking about in-ears, just beginning to use them, or in need of some good hints and tips on how to make the most of the ones you've got, this class will give you the information you need to fine tune your IEMs.

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