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INSTRUMENTAL: Putting It All Together

CORY KNOWLAND | Peoples Church | Salem, OR

So, you have the band scheduled, you have the songs picked, you have a vision for the service and everyone is there and ready to rehearse. Now what? How do you take this team and the song selection to a well rehearsed and powerful presentation of music, and facilitate worship moments that can change lives? We’ll walk through a rehearsal of familiar worship songs and see them develop into a congregational worship experience.

LEADERSHIP: Fueling Creativity

JASON SQUIRES | The Creative Launch | Woodland, CA

No matter your role, you are helping to create a place where people can worship. Creativity is something that needs to be cared for. In this session we will look at ways to help maintain it.

TECH: Ten Essential Tips for Volunteer Audio Engineers

DOUG GOULD | Worship MD | Lawrenceville NJ

Are you a volunteer sound tech at your church who has never professionally mixed live sound but want to improve your skills? Here are 10 practical tips that may help. These simple steps can take your mix to the next level on your journey to becoming a better audio engineer.

VISUAL TECH: Video Streaming

ENOCH HOWELL | Brinoch, Eugene, OR

Delivering high-quality video is crucial for a successful streaming experience, as it plays a vital role in attracting and retaining viewers. Whether you're looking to enhance your current streaming setup or exploring the world of streaming for the first time, we'll look into the realm of technologies that are utilized, including cameras, switchers, and streaming platforms.

VOCAL: Singing Strong: Strategies for Overcoming Vocal Fatigue & Challenges

CHRISTINA BROWN KIRIAKOS | New Hope Christian College | Eugene, OR

In the rhythm of Sundays, challenges can arise, especially regarding vocal issues. Discover effective techniques and remedies to navigate through common vocal problems in this informative class. Learn how to prevent and treat fatigue, ensuring your voice remains resilient and powerful.

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